Embrace: See and celebrate you + your journey in a new, inspiring light. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. 

Empower: By lifting one another, we heal and see possibilities that were not visible before. 

Experience: We "know" a lot, but do we live it? Here's an opportunity to create life-changing experiences with an intimate sisterhood of powerful women. 

Epic: Nothing short of magic and miracles. And LOTS of PLAY and FUN

San Diego Retreat 

October 4-8, 2023

Wendi is the queen of FUN! All the events she put on are full of connection, love and joy. I have experienced the most life changing moments with Wendi!

Karri t.

“We had such a beautiful time. Space to connect and the most wonderful workshops with life changing connection, thank you Wendi!” 

Tara O.

“This experience was way more than I expected!” I feel connected to myself and my family in ways I have never experienced before. Wendi is just amazing!”

Ashley A.

This intimate sisterhood retreat is located in a beautiful European-style villa in sunny San Diego complete with a heated pool with slide, jacuzzi, waterfall, swim-up bar, fire pit, tennis court, vineyard, gym+ more!



Have you ever felt completely seen and heard, accepted, and loved for who you are? While also being stood for in the zone of growth to create what you want most in life?

This is who I am. Your results are my results. Your breakthroughs are mine as well. I don't know better than you, I don't know more than you, but I am the coach that walks the walk and evokes the power from inside you, I stand with and for you, as I have for hundreds before you. 

YOUR facilitators

wendi Mckenna

keri stanley

Leader, Coach, Founder of Grace on Fire &
Wendi's Bestie

 Creating A LOT of PLAY & FUN

Keri stanley

Leader, Coach, Founder of Grace on fire
Wendi's Bestie

We have and create A LOT of

  • Earth- We'll explore the bounty in sunny San Diego.
  • Water- Experience water's power to show us ours. 
  • Air- Vital for life this air experience will challenge, invigorate and inspire you to your next level.
  • Fire- Create your transformation and rediscover your passion.


Personal-chef-prepared, locally-sourced, organic meals to fuel all of our adventures and connection together. 


  • Reflect and Embrace with daily yoga and meditation.
  • Reconnect and Rejuvenate with Full-body massage 
  • Reimagine and experience yourself Empowered with workshop sessions and epic experiences to renew your soul.

transformational programming

Relax and rejuvinate for 4 nights in a luxury European-style villa with all the amenities in beautiful San Diego, CA. 


What's included..

Sunday, October 8 @ 10AM

retreat check out

Wednesday, October 4th @ 5PM

retreat check in 

San Diego, California.


when and where

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