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Have you ever felt completely seen and heard, accepted, and loved for who you are? While also being stood for in the zone of growth to create what you want most in life? 

This is who I am. Your results are my results. Your breakthroughs are mine as well. I don't know better than you, I don't know more than you, but I am the coach that walks the walk and evokes the power from inside you, I stand with and for you, as I have for hundreds before you. 

hi friend!

I am Wendi McKenna. Together we unlock your vision and unleash your power, passion, and purpose to create your life worth living.

You got this and I got you. 

i'm so glad you're here!

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Her life's golden through-line is that Wendi makes the impossible...possible. She doesn't buy into the stories that limit us and believes that if we can dream it, we can create it. She LOVES to spend time with her family and friends, travel, hike, workout, and read.  

Wendi is a wife, a mom of 3 beautiful humans and 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks, a pediatric physical therapist, a parenting mentor, a transformational leadership trainer for both adults and teens! 


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-Annette L.

"Wendi's coaching has helped me create my own personal anchor to bring me back to my vision for my family. Being able to share with the groups has been so unifying. I truly feel a part of a community & I know I am not alone in my journey."


-Pam M.

"I'm having so many discoveries about myself and awareness's that I am shifting through! I have a new set of eyes! Your coaching is so valuable and I am creating so much beauty with my girls. I acknowledge you
for leading with love"


- Karri T.

“Wendi has changed my life! She is gifted in bringing dreams into a reality. She is an inspiring, powerful and generous human being! I am forever grateful for the impact she has brought to my family and the generations to come!"

- Tara & Phil

 “Wendi gave us hope and permission to give ourselves grace. Zero guilt and zero shame is her thing, while also giving us “aha moments” and tools that I never would have thought of without her guidance. I am so grateful to this woman. OUR ANGEL"




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