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She Genuinely connects with each individual member of the audience.

She is vulnerable and authentic pulling back the curtain of real life.

She provides customized, original, and relatable content for every audience

She delivers tangible strategies and support for guidance, even after the event ends

She creates an unforgettable experience that people will be inspired to carry forward.

5 Reasons to book Wendi

I am a mom of three unique beings (two teens and a soon-to-be tween) who consistently lead me to the edge of my comfort zone and into epic growth. 

I am a wife and partner who has been through the ups and downs of a real-life marriage and created incredible communication,  connection-holding and lifting each other high, love that elevates everyday living, and commitment to one another and our vision that stands the test of all the challenges....for 20 years.

I am a first-born daughter who received the BEST education from my mom: she told me my only job was to discover what I love and do it. At times it felt like pressure...what do I love? What do I love more than something else? Is this the right thing to love? How do I pursue THIS love without leaving the others? 

The answers were not always clear, the steps not always easy, but when love is the source, I've discovered that anything is possible. And, I finally figured out that love only grows...the more I choose to love, the more there is to love, and my heart expands. 

My first professional career (and still doing it) as a Pediatric Doctor of Physical Therapy for 23 years taught me the value of surrender and celebration. I support children and their families to let go of what they thought would be, embrace what is, and be ALL IN with what is possible moving forward. No such thing as "never" or "I can't" in my clinic and sessions, even with toddlers and teens!

I embarked on my second chapter of work when I discovered Transformational Leadership in 2018. It felt like home to me, it was love, so I pursued it. Bringing my experience from career one into the second phase, I am now a speaker, coach, and trainer for parents, teens, and really anyone who is committed to up-leveling themselves to create their epic life experience.

I create workshops both virtual (on-line) and in person, and facilitate trainings to support you in creating what you want for your family, school and organization. 

I'm excited to meet you, learn about your vision and mission, and be a co-creator with you to enhance, up-level and create impact for yourself and the people you care about.

Best way to contact me is Email or Book a Call. 


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-Annette L.

"Wendi's coaching has helped me create my own personal anchor to bring me back to my vision for my family. Being able to share with the groups has been so unifying. I truly feel a part of a community & I know I am not alone in my journey."


-Pam M.

"I'm having so many discoveries about myself and awareness's that I am shifting through! I have a new set of eyes! Your coaching is so valuable and I am creating so much beauty with my girls. I acknowledge you
for leading with love"


- Karri T.

“Wendi has changed my life! She is gifted in bringing dreams into a reality. She is an inspiring, powerful and generous human being! I am forever grateful for the impact she has brought to my family and the generations to come!"

- Tara & Phil

 “Wendi gave us hope and permission to give ourselves grace. Zero guilt and zero shame is her thing, while also giving us “aha moments” and tools that I never would have thought of without her guidance. I am so grateful to this woman. OUR ANGEL"




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